Moses, the Reed Sea and the Exodus

The Bible tells us that we require two or more witnesses to establish a thing.  It is good advice regardless of it coming from the Bible, especially in this age of deception.

I have been sitting on this information for a while now because until now I had but one source on it.  The source being Ron Wyatt made it even more difficult since there is so much controversy around his discoveries.  It is not unexpected, however, that someone discovers the truth, the powers of this world will work diligently to refute and obfuscate it.  In face, Wikipedia labels the Exodus as a myth.  Wikipedia can’t be wrong, right?

I have finally found a second source for this information.  It comes from  to me from dr. (Korean physician to King Adbullah) by way of video, but in it it is revealed that Dr. Lennart Moller also dived the area and found the same artifacts.  If that isn’t enough, and I realize for some that nothing will ever be enough, we have the testimony of Nassif Mahommed Hassad, director of Antiquities in Cairo declared one of the findings to be the remains of an 18th Dynasty Egyptian chariot wheel.  He didn’t know where it came from at the time.

Now, to be fair, there are those who have gone to this site before it was forbidden to dive it and picked up several pieces of coral that aren’t chariot remains at all.  This is part of the enemy’s process of obfuscation and is not to be unexpected.

Below is a video of Dr. David Kim’s findings which include the chariot wheels as well as images from Jabal al-Lawz.

Yes, I am aware that Ron Wyatt is controversial.  Anything to do with the veracity of God’s word is these days.

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