Places of the Sinai

Ever wonder if the events of the Exodus were real? The evidence is out there.
Here is a list of coordinates for some significant locations around Sinai.

Split Rock of Horeb – 28°43’35.96″N x 35°14’10.80″E
Elijah’s Cave – 28°35’16.02″N x 35°22’25.82″E
Large ancient graveyard – 28°38’31.95″N x 35°22’4.84″E
Altar, Corral, 12 columns- 28°35’5.65″N x 35°22’43.54″E
Golden Calf Altar – 28°34’53.26″N x 35°23’46.04″E
Mount Sinai – 28°35’38.82″N x 35°20’5.69″E

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