God Is Out There Somewhere

If you are like me and grew up going to a school in the United States, our way of thinking is there is the natural world and then there is God somewhere out there with an occasional intervention into the natural world. I challenge you to start thinking in a different manner. Start considering that there is no division. Instead God is working everyday in the natural world. He is not out there somewhere, but instead He is right here, always.

NOTE:  After writing this in draft, I went to a worship night for the first time ever.  For those who don’t know, it is a worship service not in the traditional sense that we know it, but it is where you go to sing, pray and there is a baptism of the holy spirit.  (I like the phrase “Spirit of the living God”, myself.  To me, holy is one of those religious words that is used so much its meaning is diluted.)  Anyway, it was awesome.  I can write (and probably will) write about that experience for several pages.  I didn’t go up front to volunteer for a baptism, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t effected.  I have stories about that.  Skeptics out there may be thinking “oh here we go” but I’m telling you, unless you experience it, you will never know and will continue to have a hard time believing it.

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