Kidney Stones

Sometimes people ask why someone goes through grief and pain.  One of the answers to that is that this is a fallen world.  As such, pain and grief will occur.  You don’t have to go looking for it.

Since pain and grief happen, another reason we go through it is because once through it, we can help someone else who is suffering a similar situation.

So, today I am talking about Kidney stones.  If your favorite search engine brought you here, I hope what I write will help.

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Medical Examination of the Crucifixion

First of all, the good news is that Jesus is alive today.
That being said, there is a great deal of controversy around the crucifixion. One being the swoon theory. Here is a medical description of what happens during a roman crucifixion. It should put to rest the swoon theory. Warning: It is rather graphic.

On the Physical Death of Jesus

A similar article appears on CBN here.

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Places of the Sinai

Ever wonder if the events of the Exodus were real? The evidence is out there.
Here is a list of coordinates for some significant locations around Sinai.

Split Rock of Horeb – 28°43’35.96″N x 35°14’10.80″E
Elijah’s Cave – 28°35’16.02″N x 35°22’25.82″E
Large ancient graveyard – 28°38’31.95″N x 35°22’4.84″E
Altar, Corral, 12 columns- 28°35’5.65″N x 35°22’43.54″E
Golden Calf Altar – 28°34’53.26″N x 35°23’46.04″E
Mount Sinai – 28°35’38.82″N x 35°20’5.69″E

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Moses, the Reed Sea and the Exodus

The Bible tells us that we require two or more witnesses to establish a thing.  It is good advice regardless of it coming from the Bible, especially in this age of deception.

I have been sitting on this information for a while now because until now I had but one source on it.  The source being Ron Wyatt made it even more difficult since there is so much controversy around his discoveries.  It is not unexpected, however, that someone discovers the truth, the powers of this world will work diligently to refute and obfuscate it.  In face, Wikipedia labels the Exodus as a myth.  Wikipedia can’t be wrong, right?

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Hebrew the World Oldest Written Language?

Among the parts of Paul’s metaphorical armor of God is the shield of faith.  It is to defend us against the flaming darts of the enemy.  One of these darts is really a derivative of the Devil’s first attack.  Hath God said?  He brings into question the truth of God’s word, leaving doubt and spreading unbelief.  It is easy for us who were educated in the western world to be filled with skepticism.  Under the auspices of naturalism, God cannot exist.  After all, we are told, there is no corroberating evidence of even the smallest part of the Bible being true.

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Good On You

I want to say to everyone who voted, good on you. It doesn’t matter who you backed, you cared enough to to do your duty to select the leadership of this country nationally and locally.

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The Myth of the Divine Gavel

Either through unfortunately learning in sunday school or from listening to popular media, there is a myth that while God loves you, he is waiting around with a gavel for you to mess up so He can whack you.

This can’t be further from the truth.  He loves you and wants to be with you so much that He did the only thing that could be done to reconcile us to Him.  He sent His only son to live among us and to die in your place and my own.  He rose again, defeating death.  All of this so we can be reconciled to God.  He isn’t waiting to hit you with a hammer, he is waiting for you to accept his forgiveness.

Second, you do not have to be “good enough” in order to accept His invitation.  He died for us while we were still in our sin.  Come as you are is a phrase you may have heard or will.  It means exactly what it says.  Come as you currently are.  The invitation is out there.  Acceptance is free.

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Favorite Christmas Song 2015

Yes, I know it is over a month since official Christmas, but last year I announced my favorite Christmas song so I’ll announce my favorite one for 2015.

Danny Gokey’s Lift Up Your Eyes

There is a guy who goes to the same church who teases me about not getting into the music enough.  If we sang this one, I’d be afraid I’d be too into it. I’m not a singer, so I’m also afraid I’d more shout the words than sing them.  Still, enjoy.


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God Is Out There Somewhere

If you are like me and grew up going to a school in the United States, our way of thinking is there is the natural world and then there is God somewhere out there with an occasional intervention into the natural world. I challenge you to start thinking in a different manner. Start considering that there is no division. Instead God is working everyday in the natural world. He is not out there somewhere, but instead He is right here, always.

NOTE:  After writing this in draft, I went to a worship night for the first time ever.  For those who don’t know, it is a worship service not in the traditional sense that we know it, but it is where you go to sing, pray and there is a baptism of the holy spirit.  (I like the phrase “Spirit of the living God”, myself.  To me, holy is one of those religious words that is used so much its meaning is diluted.)  Anyway, it was awesome.  I can write (and probably will) write about that experience for several pages.  I didn’t go up front to volunteer for a baptism, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t effected.  I have stories about that.  Skeptics out there may be thinking “oh here we go” but I’m telling you, unless you experience it, you will never know and will continue to have a hard time believing it.

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A Story of Great Redemption

While growing up, I attended Sunday school.  There, we learned what I’d call the highlights of the biblical stories.  One of them is the story of Nebuchadnezzar. It turns out Nebuchadnezzar was a real man, in case the reader is wondering.  The thing about Nebuchadnezzar and Sunday school, though, is that I was always left with the impression that he was just a bad guy.

Even the fairly recent TV series about the Bible missed this great opportunity to show redemption.  They left us with the impression that Daniel snubbed Nebuchadnezzar and the king lived out the remainder of his life insane. This is certainly not true.

Read chapter 4 of Daniel.  It is written, not by Daniel, but by Nebuchadnezzar.  It is his testimony and confession.  In it he explains what happened to him for his seven years of insanity.  In it he declares Yaweh the one true God.   I will not be too surprised to see Nebuchadnezzar in Heaven.  No doubt, Nebuchadnezzar did some terrible things, but also have no doubt that he can and may have been redeemed.  Just like you can be.  The same way the worst criminal can be or the same way the nicest person you’ve met needs to be.

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